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Alonso Serrano //

I started in 1991 at El Independiente, as a “laborante”, a word that is no longer used but that means “the one that revealed and positive in negatives”.

The Nuevo Lunes Group was my first job as a photographer, in its publications: EL Siglo, Nuevo Lunes, Exclubsivo, Azul Marino.

I have worked in different media, from press […]

Alonso Serrano //2018-07-26T10:21:08+01:00

Javier Caballero //


The first time that I looked through the viewfinder of a camera I fell in love with this profession, with the feeling of being able to tell stories and the responsibility of being the viewer’s eyes. I combined my technical studies (specialising in audiovisual media) with a job as a cameraman on the local channel […]

Javier Caballero //2018-07-26T10:14:41+01:00

María Prada //

Impact producer

A graduate in Publicity and Public Relations (UCM), I have dedicated myself professionally to Audiovisual Production since the year 2000, participating in documentary, feature-length and short film, television programmes, videos and animation projects. Incredibly varied projects, from productions very close to home to large international co-productions, and in all of them I have found […]

María Prada //2018-03-06T18:21:15+01:00

Juan Aballe Aramburu //

Photography. Direction. New narratives.

Having studied science at university, my passion for photography and narrative communication led my career towards audiovisual creation. Since then, and up to the present day, I have completed and photographed a wide range of productions for different clients in Spain and Germany. My subsequent transition towards the user-driven digital environment (UX) […]

Juan Aballe Aramburu //2018-03-06T18:22:01+01:00

Alberto Pascual //


My name is Alberto Pascual Rodríguez and I was born in San Sebastián in 1959. I have always been attracted by the infinite narrative possibilities offered by the combination of image and sound.

I am currently a producer. After finishing my studies, I started out in the image trade as an apprentice. That curious and experimental […]

Alberto Pascual //2018-03-06T18:22:20+01:00


GENRE: TV Format 6×56’
STAGE: In development
SYNOPSIS: RUNNING: Two and a half million runners in Spain, amongst the elite runners and those who go at least once a week.

Running inspires and is within everybody’s reach. To run, you only need to want to do it and have an open space in which to run. You can do it alone, […]

RUN RUN2018-03-06T17:53:01+01:00


A documentary about Art and identity

GENRE: Documentary 1×72’
STAGE: In development



Economic and financial crimes against humanity

GENRE: Documentary 1×80’
STAGE: Release February 2018
SYNOPSIS: Our history has seen the existence of visionaries who understood, long before the rest, that slavery, colonisation or apartheid were not the natural order of things, but immoral practises of a minority which should be considered illegal. A judge is currently leading an international movement to show […]

THE CODE2018-07-24T10:01:05+01:00
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