Impact producer

A graduate in Publicity and Public Relations (UCM), I have dedicated myself professionally to Audiovisual Production since the year 2000, participating in documentary, feature-length and short film, television programmes, videos and animation projects. Incredibly varied projects, from productions very close to home to large international co-productions, and in all of them I have found that passion in the creators to tell a story, which is transmitted to the teams who, in their roles, give their all to turn that screenplay into a reality. What’s more, if it becomes a reality which can contribute to the construction of a better world, to me, it would seem impossible not to make the most of that opportunity.

That is the opportunity that I have found upon immersing myself in the world of Impacto Documental. It helps both small and big stories become realities, to reach as many spaces as possible, to participate in the construction of a future which puts people and the planet first.