At Grupo Master we believe in what we do. That’s our secret for convincing and motivating those who watch our work.

We are PROFESSIONALS and are propelled by our PASSION for recounting, attracting and giving each part a solid narrative arc.


LOVE for good photography and a thought-provoking sound track.

CARE for the assembly and the post-production process.


GENRE: TV Format 6×56’
STAGE: In development
SYNOPSIS: RUNNING: Two and a half million runners in Spain, amongst the elite runners and those who go at least once a week.

Running inspires and is within everybody’s reach. To run, you only need to want to do it and have an open space in which to run. You can do it alone, with somebody else or participate in an organised event. And you can adjust the material that you need for running to your economic situation, you simply run with basic trainers or equip yourself with branded sports clothing and the next-generation technology accessories.


A documentary about Art and identity

GENRE: Documentary 1×72’
STAGE: In development


Economic and financial crimes against humanity

GENRE: Documentary 1×80’
STAGE: Release February 2018
SYNOPSIS: Our history has seen the existence of visionaries who understood, long before the rest, that slavery, colonisation or apartheid were not the natural order of things, but immoral practises of a minority which should be considered illegal. A judge is currently leading an international movement to show that widespread economic and environmental acts of fraud are not shortcomings of the system, but premeditated acts of an elite, which should be recognised as crimes.

See Trailer on Vimeo



From concept to final distribution, we create a coherent whole that’s sure to hit the target.

Because, for us, an audiovisual item is an intricate piece of work, insomuch as if one part falls, they all fall.

We throw ourselves into each project with all of our enthusiasm and experience. We know that the way to achieve quality audiovisual products is to ensure that the result is the only priority for each project member.

Following this philosophy, we create and coordinate the best suited team of experts to work on each part, only using professionals who love their work and are aware of the way “the audiovisual” can transform.


The fact that we have teams designed for each project means that we can cover very diverse needs:

  • Content creation.
  • New audiovisual narratives. Story Telling, Branded Content
  • Comprehensive digital cinema and video services.
  • Production and post-production: image and sound.
  • Coverage of events
  • Photography

“In our almost 30 years of experience, we have collaborated with companies, foundations, organisations and institutions so that their projects achieve their objectives. Producing a multitude of films belonging to very different genres and in distinct formats: documentary, testimonial, corporate, promotional, advertisements, training….


Natural spaces from Spain.

Spain has a great variety of natural spaces and different ecosystems.

Agronomos sin Fronteras

Helping make agriculture more productive and sustainable in Iringa region, Tanzania

Wukro Project 

Angel Olaran’s project in Wukro, Tigray Region, Ethiopia

Electric Cars MOVELE

MOVELE: how does Spanish goverment help electric cars implementation

Grupo Máster

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