My name is Alberto Pascual Rodríguez and I was born in San Sebastián in 1959. I have always been attracted by the infinite narrative possibilities offered by the combination of image and sound.

I am currently a producer. After finishing my studies, I started out in the image trade as an apprentice. That curious and experimental spirit has not abandoned me throughout all these years. I face each new task with the same excitement as when I was starting out. To me, the care and respect of the human teams which participate in this alchemy and which manage to transform light and sound into emotions is very important, along with the viewer’s knowledge.

I am passionate about well-told stories, I love an audiovisual narrative which transports those stories to another plane of our knowledge and understanding. With open eyes and hearts. We are immersed in a time of complete change. The enormous technological advances challenge us, both individually and collectively, to face new challenges and learning experiences. At this point in life, I feel especially committed to the diffusion of stories which promote values which help us to traverse this change with increased awareness.