GENRE: TV Format 6×56’
STAGE: In development
SYNOPSIS: RUNNING: Two and a half million runners in Spain, amongst the elite runners and those who go at least once a week.

Running inspires and is within everybody’s reach. To run, you only need to want to do it and have an open space in which to run. You can do it alone, […]

RUN RUN2018-03-06T17:53:01+01:00


A documentary about Art and identity

GENRE: Documentary 1×72’
STAGE: In development



Economic and financial crimes against humanity

GENRE: Documentary 1×80’
STAGE: Release February 2018
SYNOPSIS: Our history has seen the existence of visionaries who understood, long before the rest, that slavery, colonisation or apartheid were not the natural order of things, but immoral practises of a minority which should be considered illegal. A judge is currently leading an international movement to show […]

THE CODE2018-07-24T10:01:05+01:00
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